Mommy tried

At 5 wks when i saw your heartbeat Mommy tried. ❤

I embraced every illness you threw my way.
As i knew the reward would be you and to hold you and tell you were worth it🍼

I didn’t stress, I kept on praying, i took it easy
because I wanted you to grow and be part of my forever.😇

No one will ever understand the joy, the fear, the raw emotions i felt😢😣 But trust me Mommy tried. Your heart no longer beats, but for a while it beat next to mine💕 I will hold on to that forever🔐

4 thoughts on “Mommy tried

  1. I couldn’t help but cry seeing this poem. This hits home and I read it to my mom. She lost my baby brother too, and the pain is horrible. But yes, mommy tried! Beautiful poem.

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